Newsroom Dashboards Overview

Newsroom offers several reporting views to help you manage your site. Please note that the data in the dashboard is gathered from any page on your site with a Taboola widget.

Depending on your role at your organization, you will see a combination of the following dashboard views:

Top ArticlesYou can look at your best-performing articles and drill down to see specific drivers of traffic. This dashboard also provides several filters, such as section and time filters. Learn more about the Top Articles dashboard here.

Recirc Summary – In addition to recommending sponsored content on your site, Taboola also recommends your own articles.  This report shows how many impressions and clicks your own content received on your site.

Recirc Content – This report shows which of your site’s own content is being promoted in the Taboola Feed.

Yesterday – This shows your 25 highest-traffic articles from Yesterday, along with a visual representation of when those articles received traffic.

My Posts – If your user account is associated with an author, the My Posts dashboard will show you a customized view of Top Articles including only your content. It will also give you a personalized view of activities and alerts for your content only. This includes articles with shared bylines. Learn more about My Posts here.

Authors – The Authors dashboard provides supervisors a high level look at performance by author over time. Learn more about the Authors dashboard here.

Alerts – The Alerts dashboard lets editors know what they can do at this very moment to improve site performance. You can view all alerts for your site, or toggle to see only the alerts you’ve checked in the “manage alerts” settings. Learn more about the Alerts dashboard here.

Front Page – If your site has implemented our homepage tools, you will see a Front Page dashboard. This tool helps you optimize the traffic coming to your homepage (or another popular section front page). The dashboard gives you the tools to make smart decisions about where to place content for optimal CTR. You are also able to A/B test headlines and images from this dashboard. Learn more about the Front Page dashboard here.

Reports – The Reports tab will help you generate high level reports about your website. These reports include traffic sources, top performing articles, and site engagements. You are also able to schedule reports from this tab. Learn more about the Reports tab here.

Topic Insights – The Network Insights dashboard gives you insight into what topics readers are reading about across the Taboola network, and on your site.  This tool helps you and your staff identify topics to cover, when to assign more resources to a topic, or when to pull back on a specific topic. Learn more about the Topic Insights dashboard here.