Newsroom FAQs

General FAQs

Why can’t I see a certain dashboard?

Your role in our system will determine which dashboards you can access. For example, only Authors will have access to the My Posts dashboard, and Supervisors will have access to the Authors Dashboard.

In addition, your account may have access to multiple sites with different permissions assigned to each site. To toggle between sites, click your username in the top right and select Change Publisher if needed.

If you are expecting to see a dashboard but do not, please reach out to

I don’t see something I’ve published in My Posts. Where is it?

Check the byline you used for that article. It may be that your byline is different than the one Newsroom is looking for. If you use several bylines, Newsroom will only show articles that contain the the byline set in your Profile Settings. Please note that we are not able to support multiple versions of a byline for the same author.

Does your data include traffic to my native app?

Yes it does, if your app is using has Taboola Feed integrated in the App and it uses the same Taboola publisher ID.  If you aren’t seeing App data in the dashboard, please contact

Why did I get an alert for adding a video to an article that already has one?

There may be a couple of reasons why you received this alert:

  • If the video was added to your article very recently, our system may not have detected it yet.
  • If the video player is not typical for your site, usually a third-party player, we may not recognize or support the video player. Contact with a link to the article in question, and we can determine whether we support it.

Why am I not getting Consider Posting to Facebook alerts?

Your Facebook account may not be configured for your publisher.  Your Newsroom Admin can enable this alert in your Publisher Settings, or please reach out to if you don’t know who your Admin is or would like us to help.

I received an alert suggesting I post an article to Facebook, but it’s already been posted. Why?

The article may have been posted to a secondary Facebook account that is not being monitored by Newsroom. If you’d like us to add another account to be monitored, please reach out to your Newsroom Engagement Manager.

How do you categorize ‘Dark Social’ traffic?

Dark social traffic is traffic that has lost its referrer information by the time it hits your site. This can include traffic from email newsletters, IM clients and apps of all kinds. We follow the prevalent industry practice of bundling dark social traffic under ‘direct’. Traffic we report under Social is only for identified traffic from known social referrers.

Can I see article-specific traffic information broken down at the platform level (i.e, mobile only, web only)?

Currently, we only show you only how traffic breaks down by platform at a whole-site level (see the icons near the bar charts on the Overview dashboard.)

I don’t see a specific section of my site in the Section dropdown. Why?

We build the section list in the upper right hand corner of Overview by looking at the sections that generate the most traffic. Some sections may not appear if they have very little traffic.

If your site has just launched a new section and is using it significantly, you will begin to see the new section in the drop down a few days after the articles have had time to receive traffic.

When I look at the 7 or 30-day view of my data, I am not seeing one of my top performing articles from today. Why?

We do not include traffic from the current day in these buckets of time. Any article that was posted today will not be included.

For time views of “Today”, Real Time, or 24 hours, we include up-to-the-minute data.

When I see references to time of day in Newsroom, what time zone is it based on?

For each site in Newsroom, we select a default time zone based on where this publisher is located. No matter where in the world you are looking at Newsroom, the clock-related information will be based in this time zone.  Contact if you’d like to change the timezone in Newsroom.

The numbers I am see in a different analytics tool are not the same as your numbers. Why?

Newsroom leverages the Taboola code to count pageviews, and filters out your homepage and section fronts. When we report overall site traffic numbers, for example, we are really reporting the number of content page views for these types of pages where your site carries our code.  Please contact if you feel that the data isn’t complete.

Front Page and A/B Testing FAQs

There is an article on the homepage that I’d like to test but I don’t see it in Front Page. Why?

When your technical team works with Taboola to set up your site to use Front Page, they make changes to the HTML markup of the page so we can identify the areas of the page where editorial content (compared to, for example, ad positions) will appear.  If an area of the page isn’t configured for Newsroom, it won’t show up in Front Page. Please reach out to your Taboola Account Manager and they can help you/your development team determine if any other changes to your site need to be made.

If you are looking for an article that was added to the homepage within the last few minutes, it may not have appeared in your Front Page Dashboard yet.

I selected the option to automatically give the winning headline to the article, but when I clicked the article, I see a different version of the headline. Is this a bug?

Front Page runs only the pages it is implemented on. When you click the article page itself, the headline there is whatever is stored in your CMS. If you’d like to see the winning headline on the article page (or on social, or anywhere else beyond your homepage on the web), you will have to update the headline to the winner in your CMS.

The trend line for my article suggests it’s only been there for a short time, but this article has been on the homepage for a long time. Why is that?

The trend line you see refers to this article in that specific position only. Whenever an article moves around on the homepage, the time in that position and the trend line are reset to zero for this article in order to evaluate the article’s performance in its new spot.

Google Core Web Vitals

Google’s goal is to make it easier for website owners to understand whether or not they’re providing their visitors with a good user experience, and as part of this initiative, Google introduced Core Web Vitals, metrics that will function as additional search ranking signals.

Core Web Vitals apply to all web pages and are currently focused on “three aspects of the user experience — loading, interactivity, and visual stability.”

We believe that this update will have a positive effect on user experience across the open web. In preparation for this, we reviewed hundreds of Taboola Newsroom Front Page implementations in terms of page performance, Core Web Vitals scores and how you can improve those scores.

In almost all of the implementations we reviewed, the Taboola Newsroom code has a very minimal impact on page performance and Core Web Vitals scores. In a few implementations on highly complex pages (often indicated by a large number of DOM elements) and lazy load homepages, Core Web Vitals scores are affected.

Publishers can review their Core Web Vitals score using the PageSpeed Insights Google tool. As a best practice we encourage publishers to have at most 1,000 DOM elements and at most 15 Front Page regions on their homepage for best performance.

Topic Insights FAQs

When I add up all the percentages for topics or categories in Network Insights I get a number over a 100 percent. Why?

Many articles are counted under multiple entities or categories when Taboola detects that an article has multiple focuses. For example, an article about the best apps to buy theater tickets is likely to be categorized under both Technology and Art & Entertainment.

Can I see the way a particular article was categorized or its entities mapped in Topic Insights?

At present, we do not offer this option.

Topic Insights sounds great but I don’t see it in my left navigation. Why not?

At present, we support a number of languages and countries.  If you would like to enable Topic Insights, please reach out to

How do I integrate my site with Taboola Newsroom?

Please use this Taboola Newsroom Integration guide to make sure your metadata is exposed on article pages so that it can be read. Then contact your Taboola Account or Engagement Manager to get a site specific JS file to include on the article pages.