Topic Insights Dashboard

List View

You can use this icon to switch to a “List View’ which displays the same information in a simple list.  You can click on any topic to see that topic’s traffic over time on the Taboola Network and on your site (see below for more info on this).

Expert Tip!

If you’re unfamiliar with a topic, you can click this icon on the dashboards to open a Google News search for that topic in a new tab.


All Topics vs. My Topics vs. My Coverage

At the top of the page, you can filter by All TopicsMy Topics or My Coverage. Here is what these options mean:

  • All Topics – This displays the popular topics across the whole Taboola network in your country and language.  If you have questions about the Taboola Network, please reach out to your Newsroom Engagement Manager or
  • My Topics – This displays the popular topics across on your site only
  • My Coverage – This displays topics for all for the whole Taboola network, while indicating your market share of that specific topic. This view helps you decide if you want to cover specific topics you are missing out on.
    • Dark blue circles: You have no traffic for that topic.
    • Light blue circles: You have some traffic for that topic, with the amount of your traffic represented by a green inner circle.
important note!

Coverage is the percentage of pageviews for a topic that we see on your site, compared to the pageviews we see on the Taboola network.  


Filtering the Topic Insights dashboards

If you click the “Filters” panel on the left, you can filter the dashboards in a number of ways:

  1. In Top Categories, you can choose to only show topics in specific categories
  2. The Topic Threshold determines how many topics are shown
  3. The Similarity Threshold determines when we show a correlation line between topics – moving the slider higher means we’ll show fewer lines
  4. The 8-hour playback allows you to look back at previous 30-minute updates, or play them on a rotating basis.

Changing Dashboards

By default, we’ll show you information for all traffic in your country and language.  Your site likely will also have access to different dashboards that filter the topics we show by Search and Social Traffic.  You may also have access to traffic filtered to a specific locale, such as a State in the US.  You can access these with a drop-down in the upper-right corner.

The ‘Repeat Users’ dashboard is particularly useful – this will show you the topics that your repeat visitors (people who have been to your site twice in the last two weeks) are reading around the Taboola network and on your site.

Changing Time Frames shown

In addition to the Real Time reports, you also have access to see the same data and reports for different time frames using the drop-down in the upper-right corner.  You can see the same reports for Yesterday, the previous 7 days, and previous 30 days.

The “30 day Planning” dashboard will allow you to explore what topics have trended over the last 30 days with a different interface.  It can be used to see what was popular in a particular category, and see your site’s performance compared to the network for specific topics.

2. Long term coverage strategy planning around terms that have consistent traffic or events. 

Another publisher reviews traffic patterns around recurring events to plan their coverage strategies over a longer period of time. This can be especially useful when looking at sports seasons, reality tv shows and any topic that develops in an ongoing or periodic manner.  In doing this, it ensures that when they publish content it will get maximum traffic and interest from an audience already interested in the main topic.

3. Identify reader interest in specific terms and traffic patterns for sales, marketing and other non-editorial parts of the publisher organization. 

A third publisher creates data infographics for its sales and marketing teams. They incorporate that trend data  into sales collateral and post to social media. Source:

A term will show up if it has been seen in at least 6 articles in that region in the past 90 days. A connection will be created to other terms if both terms are present in at least 6 articles. Our Graph AI uses context between the terms to form connections between them and more can be read on our blog post here. Download the one sheet here.